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Your At-Home Wellness Guide

During these times when small businesses are forced to close their doors, it's important as a community to support one another wherever possible. Whether it's financially or not, supporting one another during such uncertain times can say "I see you - and I appreciate you". It can make a community stronger.

Regardless of COVID - depression was already on the rise. It is predicted that by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of mortality and morbidity, globally. This is happening NOW. There are numerous studies into the benefits that exercise, eating right, and connecting with others has towards our mental health. Below is a list I've compiled for your go-to online wellness while at home. CONNECT. SUPPORT. GROW

Look after yourselves. Prioritise self-care. Fill your cup - whatever that may look like, then go on to help those around you... because you can not pour from an empty cup.


Regular movement (exercise) has shown to be as effective (if not more) than antidepressants. But you know that, right?

Join one (or all) of the small businesses providing us with movement during lockdown and beyond....

Offering yoga, meditation & pilates with FREE classes until the 28th Aug!

Blending dance, martial & healing arts together - $15 for the first three classes!

At home yoga classes - connect with a Facebook group for regular updates and class announcements - $10 per class.

Healthy Eating

There are plenty of online delivery options available when it comes to healthy eating. Fresh fruit & veg, local meats, poultry & dairy and organic where ever possible.

Growing organic food as naturally as possible - meat, eggs, milk and fresh herbs and vegetables delivered to your door.

A range of fresh fruits and vegetables in a convenient easy-to-order delivery box.

For all the dried goods - pasta, legumes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and baking needs. FREE delivery for all orders over $50!

A delicious selection of pro-biotic foods to keep your gut and mind happy.

For all your organic herbal teas, tonics and high-strength liposomal vitamin C.


Generic cleaning products are loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC's) that affect our mood and overall health. Make the switch to these divinely smelling, naturally cleansing goodies, and support a couple of local mamas in the process.

Hand made natural body soaps, aromatherapy rollers and face masks.

For beautifully smelling, natural home cleaning products


Make it your goal to contact at least one person a day - Pick up the phone and connect with someone. Whether they are in the community or on the other side of the world. As humans we are social beings. There are many help lines available during lockdown, so if you ever feel stuck or alone, please reach out.

A free 24hr service with qualified counsellors available to respond to your text, email or phone call.

A local qualified counsellor offering FREE 15min phone calls and online services.

A local life coach offering a range of mentoring and mindfulness online with a FREE 30min consultation.

A local duo offering life coaching, business mentoring, and couple counselling.


Although Netflix is filled with entertainment - it is addictive. Chose your time wisely. Deepen your knowledge if you find yourself with spare time during this lockdown.

  • Finish that book you started or settle into another

  • Restrict your time on social media - or dedicate 2 solid hours of 'no phone zone'.

  • Enrol in an online course or webinar - My personal favourite filled with juicy health topics: Health Masters Live

  • Start a journal - These are some incredible times we're in. Write about it.

  • Build your family tree with your children, create a photo book, plant some seeds.

Above all else - be kind to one another. There is decades of studies on the aggression that arrises between social animals when confined, stressed, and uncertain....

You can learn about that here (25mins).

Peace to you all.

Kim xx

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