Just an irresistible wall of Bougainvill

The Matakana Naturopath

Kim Campbell

Born and raised in the small town of Nelson, I grew up with vegetables in the garden and kombucha brewing in the cupboard. Natural medicine was a part of everyday living. My passion towards the healing power of food and herbs continued to flourish throughout my study years which lead me abroad to further my skills and knowledge. I became a qualified naturopath with a degree in Health Science and a diploma in Clinical Nutrition whilst living in Australia where I met my Chef husband and had my first baby boy. 

I changed my practice from city clinic to island paradise during a contract as Resident Health Practitioner on a private island resort in Fiji. This is where my love for apothecary and food-as-medicine blossomed as I was encouraged to get back to the 'roots' of healing with natural remedies and herbal workshops.

Now settled with my little family in the beautiful region of Matakana, with a home-clinic offering Naturopathic & Nutritional consultations, food-as-medicine workshops, and blending my organic loose leaf tea range - 'BLEND'.