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Wellness Tips: Need a recharge, but escaping to a tropical island’s not an option? Kim shares four simple tips for improving health at home….

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My first stop is to see the island’s naturopath, Kim Campbell, who devices a custom menu of natural remedies to speed my recovery, all sourced from the island’s farm and native bush…

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Kim Campbell, can tailor a program to suit your wellbeing requirements, drawing on her knowledge of nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and iridology, or you can opt for one of two wellness packages – Activate, or Rest and Restore.

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Resident Practitioner, Kim Campbell draws upon her expertise in various natural therapies, including nutrition, iridology, herbal medicine, and flower essences. “Drawing from my inspiration on the island, I like to take a holistic approach in guest consultations, ensuring all factors essential to wellbeing are considered from physical and mental to emotional and spiritual. There are so many wellness opportunities for guests to take advantage of on the island, including herbal remedy and tailored nutritional meals made with ingredients harvested from our 5.5-acre organic gardens” says Campbell.

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As of mid-March Campbell, 39, along with naturopath wife Kim and their 14-month-old Aiden, shifted to Fiji’s remote Kokomo Private Island (a 45-minute seaplane flight south of Nadi)

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Client Feedback

Dear Kim (my fertility goddess!) Thank you for your unwavering support, kindness, love and professional expertise as you guided me through preconception health care. When I found out in 2019 my fertility was compromised you comforted and reassured me to ease my anxiety and provided so much beneficial and practical health advice and lifestyle enhancements that I found easy to integrate into my daily life. The herbs were and continue to be amazing - within one month I noticed a significant improvement in my monthly cycle becoming more regular and less painful and my skin cleared up dramatically - initially with minimal and eventually leading to non existent hormonal breakouts! After 6 months of following your advice and taking the herbs you prescribed, eventually when we finally started to try and conceive we were delighted to discover we did first try! I am eternally grateful for your guidance assisting me throughout our journey of preconception health care and even continuing now into my second trimester of my first pregnancy. I am thrilled to hear of your new business in Matakana. I wish you nothing but success, joy and happiness as you continue on your professional wellness journey. The Matakana community are extremely lucky to have you.
With infinite gratitude and love, Anna

Anna, NSW Australia

I sought out Kim’s help and knowledge when struggling to fall pregnant. Her dietary and lifestyle recommendations helped me to control my PCOS, improve my health and well-being, aaand my partner and I are also expecting a baby this year.
Would definitely recommend!

Ashlee, WA Australia

I had the joy of meeting Kim at Kokomo Island, Fiji where I was fortunate to experience a few naturopathic consultations with her.
She is a beautiful soul with great knowledge about holistic medicine and nature. Kim radiates a beautiful energy, a consultation with her feels like a conversation with a friend.
Kim inspired and guided me on my wellness journey. I would highly recommend a consultation with her for anyone wanting to explore their wellbeing.

Jen, VIC Australia

I have had the honor of experiencing many of Kim's workshops on the farm of Kokomo Private Island Fiji. Each workshop was very informative and helpful to understand more about the naturopathic practices. She is a wealth of knowledge and a total professional when it comes to everyones individual needs. Kim had answers for every question or would research them and promptly get back to you with the correct answers. Sharing so many natural remedies you didn't even know existed, some coming from everyday used herbs and plants a very eye opening look into nature. Truly made me see every plant differently, how to consume it and for what purpose. I loved each and every time I was able to experience one of Kim's workshops and hope to visit her in her new practice and environment.

Stu, Los Angeles, USA

I've had the pleasure of attending a great hands-on workshop with Kim and also working one on one with her.

Kim listens deeply and meets you where you are. Offering a wrap around - gentle, nourishing approach with customized herbals and practical advice. She helped me through a really tough transition time, for which I was truly grateful.

Her body oils are a delicious gift to your selfcare regime.

Amy, Matakana, NZ

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