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Turmeric Gallbladder Jellies

Turmeric & Cinnamon Jelly ~ The perfect afternoon snack for a healthy Gallbladder




2 tsp grass-fed Gelatin

1 tsp cinnamon

1 Tbsp raw local honey

1 Tbsp cold water

250mls Fresh Turmeric juice


•Mix the gelatin with water and allow to sit until it becomes soft like some sauce (3mins).

•Gently heat 250mls of turmeric juice on the stove until warm (not boiling).

•Add cinnamon & honey and stir to combine.

•Remove from heat and add the gelatin/water mix.

•Mix until gelatin is completely dissolved.

•Pour into silicone moulds or a glass bowl then refrigerate until set (2hrs).


•Turmeric is known for many fantastic health benefits, however this one in particular is aimed at supporting the liver and gallbladder to efficiently breakdown cholesterol to produce bile salts for healthy emulsification and gallbladder function.

•The cinnamon helps to increase the absorption of curcumin (the healing constituent of turmeric).

•The gelatin is a source of amino acids to help the liver's function of turning cholesterol into bile salts for the gallbladder - I use Thankfully Nourished 100% pasture raised New Zealand Gelatin.

•Honey to sweeten so the little ones can enjoy with you 😉

Note: Turmeric supplements should be avoided in those who have an obstructed bile duct, are pregnant or trying to conceive. Please speak to your health practitioner before taking any supplements as self medication.

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