Digital Yoga Brunch & Learn

Digital Yoga Brunch & Learn

Movement & Food as Medicine - to balance hormones. 


This 24 page ebook contains 9 delicious breakfast/brunch recipes along with information about how their hero ingredients can balance hormones, as well as 5 powerful yoga asanas (poses) you can start your morning with.


Recipes inside:


Cinnamon-Cauli Porridge

Dandy Oats

Flax & Pumpkin Seed Crackers

Sesame & Sunflower Seed Crackers

Roast Beet Dip

Ox Tongue Rillettes

Ocean Eggs

Brazilian Persimmons

Chocavo Mousse


To deepen your understanding and increase your hormone-balancing recipe book, select both Yoga, Brunch & Learn AND Lunch & Learn for a discounted price.


Note: The Lunch & Learn ebook contains 12 recipes - 5 of these are included in the Yoga, Brunch & Learn. Purchase both ebooks for $15 - enter code 'foodasmedicine' at the checkout to recieve your discount.


Deepen your learning about how hormones effect the mind and body with the BLEND ebook for Healthy Hormones. This contains 20 pages of holistic understanding about hormones, and why they can be imbalanced.  Purchase all three ebooks for $20 - enter code 'foodandherbs' at the checkout to recieve your discount.


  • Disclamer

    This is an intro guide into the understanding of healthy hormones and does not intend to diagnose or treat. Naturopathic consultations are recommened for anyone needing personalised advice.