Herbal Tincture

Herbal Tincture

A uniquely blended herbal tincture to suit your health concerns. Using therapeutic dosing from New Zealand manufactured herbal liquid extracts, a 200ml tincture will be blended right in front of you, at the end of your Naturopathic Consultation. A 200ml tincture devided into daily doses will last you two weeks.



    As a herbal tincture is designed specifically for you after your Naturopathic consultation, it is unable to be returned. If you have any concerns about taking a herbal tincture it is best discussed with your naturopath at the time of consultation. 


    Apothecary - herbal medicines that are blended in-house. It is not compulsary to take a herbal tincture after your naturopathic consultation, however they are a great way to get therapeutic doses of herbal medicine to help you on your health journey. If you're unsure, tinctures can be discussed during the consultation and decided upon and purchased then.


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