blend - organic loose leaf tea - Glass Tube

blend - organic loose leaf tea - Glass Tube

Naturopathically blended herbal tea using organic herbs, flowers and nibs. No added flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, just pure nature... blended for you, by me.


Awake ~ sencha green, kawakawa, cinnamon, lemon
Blended to stimulate the mind, body and metabolism to energise you day ahead.

Contains caffeine.


Calm ~ st john's wort, chamomile, lavender, rose

Blended to calm the mind, body and soul to promote peaceful sleep and reduce stress.


Puku ~ ginger, lemon balm, fennel, orange 

Blended to ease digestive discomfort and nausea after meals and during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Birth ~ nettle, raspberry leaf, cacao, rosehip

Blended to strengthen and tone mama's womb as she begins the journey into labour and birth. To be taken from 33 weeks gestation onwards.


Mama's Milk ~ oat straw, fenugreek, fennel, calendula

Blended to promote a healthy milk supply in a breastfeeding mama, while supporting her nervous system and easing digestive discomfort for bub.


16 serves per glass tube.